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Devjee international group

Devjee International is a firm focused on acquiring controlling interests in growing businesses internationally. Devjee International is a leading investor and service provider primarily focused in business services, industrial, media, technology, consumer and retail sectors. 





We utilize a technology and product agnostic approach to provide solutions that solve your key business challenges. Our solutions are aimed at increasing revenue and reducing costs through a holistic approach and innovation. Our turnkey, end-to-end product agnostic ICT solutions which include, hardware, software, e-platforms, software development, networking, telecommunications (voice & data services), cloud, hosting and bespoke industry solutions (Analytics, Econometric Modelling, Data-proofing).

managed services

Managed Aggregation enables customers to source products and services from multiple providers. Our aggregation function means that we become the central point of contact for all service issues, and the central point of contact for all your service providers. (IaaS, SaaS, SSA, MpS, OA)


Our distribution and wholesale initiatives support both Direct and Indirect channel partners for ICT hardware and services.

professional services

Our Professional Services and Outsourcing division offers a range of solutions that take care of your non-core business processes, so your team can focus on enhancing productivity, performance and growth. We support businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries.