Devjee International OEM Software

Our OEM software has been designed to meet the needs of industry enabling our users to introduce solutions without the high cost of software development in their environment which can be bundled together as a suite of products.


ValuePlat offers a variety of features from expense tracking and customer management to proposal templates and invoicing.

Business owners can leverage the wide variety of helpful services and tools.

Data Management

Our Data Management Software combines and manages numerous data sources which is extracted, cleaned, transformed and integrated without compromising on integrity.

The application fulfills critical business objectives.


Departments require dashboards to gain insights and information at a glance to perform at their best and make informed decisions.

AnalytiX Plus

AnalytiX allows you to explore and visualize data.
Goodbye spreadsheet! Simplify your data aggregation with accurate reporting and analytics.

Biz Intelligence

Our bespoke Biz Intelligence solutions provides companies with the ability to gather, process, analyze and visualize large volumes of past, current and future data.

Modules can be added to the BI tool to provide an integrated feature set such as KPI scorecards, visual analytics reporting and dashboards.

Business owners can leverage the wide variety of helpful services and tools.

GBV Secure App

Violence against women and children is one of the most prevalent human rights violations in the world. It knows no social, economic or national boundaries.

GBV Secure App enables users to gain critical data required and allows institutions to identify where problems are, including victims, perpetrators and forecast possible area trends.


Jewel+ Valuation

Jewel+ Valuation is a software application which assists Jewellers in capturing valuation data.
The bespoke solution enables users to capture exceptional details such as metal type, diamonds, clasps, item weight and much more.


Biz Report Gold+

Our reporting tools deliver insights in a format that can be easily accessed, reviewed and acted upon.

Biz Report Gold+ensures that the final output is a report that is destined to the correct audience with the correct information.